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May - Pastor's Message

posted Jun 20, 2014, 7:08 PM by Karen Lindsey   [ updated Jun 20, 2014, 7:15 PM ]
     "The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them."   (Proverbs 20:7)

The writer of Proverbs talked about how we "walk".  But springtime reminds me that we mostly "ran" through life when our kids were growing up!

This time of year brings to mind all the activities that drove our life for quite a number of years and all the miles we put on our cars getting to those activities.  Ron and I have fond memories of when both kids played in Little League.  Practices started when the weather was still cold and rainy.  But then the days grew longer and warmer, and we found ourselves sitting in the stands with other parents cheering on our teams, or taking our turn volunteering in the Snack Shack.  We ate a lot of hot dogs during those years!

In high school John played on the golf team and traveled to meets and tournaments all over the Puget Sound area.  Ron was able to go to go along to watch him compete in District and State tournaments.  The only time I watched John play competitive golf was at the State Tournament his senior year.  Talk about pressure -- I could hardly stand it!!  But he handled it well.  And I think golf taught him some great life lessons about strategy and managing stress.

Drivers Ed. was a spring-to-summer commitment for both our kids.  Our first drives together after obtaining their permits didn't always do much for the mother-child relationship, so I relinquished that duty to Dad, who has always been more of an "encourager" than a "critiquer". 

Then there were proms which involved securing the right dress or tux.  For the guys it seems that the "ask" was a big part of it -- you had to be clever in how you went about inviting the girl.    In the midst of all the fun of preparing for prom the kids were taking their ACT's and SAT's -- thinking about/stressing about their futures!

I remember many Friday nights when the kids' friends would come over to watch movies, eat pizza, blow off steam, and in some cases, fireworks (much to the alarm of Mother!).  Sometimes one of their friends would talk to me about a struggle they were having or mistake in judgment they had made.  I tried to listen and share God's mercy and love.

The real bitter-sweet moment in life was the day of graduation, knowing that our season of child-rearing had come to an end.  There were times when they were growing up that we couldn't wait for that day.  But when it came so many emotions swirled around -- relief, sadness, excitement, etc.  

Both our kids are college students now.  They are quite independent.  They are people of faith which, to us, is most important.  As parents (even though we are pastors) we couldn't do that job alone.  We were blessed to be able to send them to Christian schools from middle school through high school.  Receiving a solid education from teachers who could openly express their faith was a blessing for our kids.  And within our church family there were many people who took the time to be good role models and teachers of the Christian faith.  

Ron and I are thankful for our church family and the many godly people here who "walk with integrity".  Our children were blessed by your example. And we are reminded that as Christian adults we all have many opportunities to touch the lives of children and young adults with our faith in Jesus Christ, with Christian love and hope. 

We adults must never forget what it is like to be young, or what it is like to be parents of small children who have so much growing up to do.  Our "walk" matters -- especially to the children and young people in our daily lives.  May the Lord help us to walk (or run!) with integrity. 

In Christ, 
Pastor Lori Hoyum